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I couldn’t wait to get back to physical therapy !!!  I wanted to go more than three times a week but my insurance wouldn’t cover it, although it did give me a day to really think about it and believe me… I thought about it. I still can’t believe that it actually happened. I felt a little awkward sitting in the waiting room, he would come out front every once in a while to give the front desk updates. I guess he didn’t give them a full update on me…lol  He would look over at me and smile and I would blush and look down. They finally called my name and I walked quickly into the room. I was very nervous and was sitting on the table in the gown but today I decided to wear a denim skirt without underwear. I was already wet and could feel my juices on my inner thighs. I was waiting for what seemed like an eternity and then he walked in and said ” Well aren’t you going to lay down “? and I said ” which way “? He looked at me and smirked so I put the pillow down at the edge of the table. I laid face down, closed my eyes and felt his fingers on my neck, he massaged my neck and shoulders and said ” You wore a skirt today..Nice “. A tingle went down my spine as he gently slid his fingertips down to my lower back. He started to massage my lower back and I said ” Do I have whiplash there too ?” and I started to laugh. He laughed and said ” Don’t be a wise ass ” and started to move his fingers back up to my shoulders. I panicked when he stopped rubbing my back  so I started to roll my hips and let out a little moan… He stopped rubbing my shoulders and I heard the door lock. My eyes opened wide when I felt one hand on my lower back and the other hand caressing my inner thigh. He was breathing heavy and I spread my legs a little…. his breathing got heavier and I felt his hand tremble as he slid it up my skirt. I felt my juices dripping on my thighs and his fingers slid around the lips of my hot swollen pussy. He said ” Holy Crap !!! Your not wearing underwear !!! “I was breathing heavy as he teased my clit…he was gliding his fingertips between my wet lips and his finger slid in a little. I moaned and tried to spread my legs more but my skirt wouldn’t allow it…so he started to lift my skirt up and he gasped as I spread my legs. He leaned down and whispered in my ear ” I’m really hard “…. I started getting really aroused and reached my hand down my side as he guided it right to his extremely hard cock. I squeezed it really hard and rubbed it through his pants and he was thrusting slowly. He slid one finger in my dripping pussy and put his thumb in my ass and started sliding in and out slowly….

I was into my second month of therapy and my neck was feeling a bit better, but still had a few months to go. So as usual I took off my shirt and bra, put on my gown and laid on the table. When the therapist came in he told me to get up and lay face down, I thought he was going to try a new type of therapy. I got up and he positioned the pillow at the edge of the table where my feet usually are. I laid face down and closed my eyes, he walked over and started to massage my shoulders and I felt his thigh brush against my fingers. I immediately felt a tingle down below, my juices were flowing and I got extremely horny. I started to play my masturbating scenario in my mind and then realized that I was rubbing the sides of his thighs with my fingers. I couldn’t believe that I was doing that and that he wasn’t stopping me. He began  massaging my shoulder with one hand and I heard the door lock with the other. He leaned forward and his bulge pushed against my forehead, so I reached up and started to squeeze his ass. He was slowly thrusting and I heard a low moan so I picked my head up and wrapped my lips around his large bulge. He was massaging my back and I felt his fingers slip under the waistband of my jeans and he started tracing the edge of my thong with his fingertips. His cock jumped in my mouth through his pants and I lost control, I had to have that cock in my mouth. I reached up to unbuckle his belt and was having a hard time, so he leaned back, unzipped his pants and pulled out what looked like an 8 inch hard throbbing cock. I opened my wet mouth as wide as I could, licked and wiggled my tongue around the head and pushed down on his thick shaft as far as I could go. His long thick cock filled my mouth and I was only able to go halfway, saliva was pouring out of my mouth, my eyes started to tear and I began to gag. I tried to do it again and I kept gagging because I never had a cock that big before and I did not have control of my throat muscles. He pulled out and told me to turn over, so I turned and put my head on the pillow. He told me to push my head toward him, so I did and it was hanging over the edge. I opened my mouth and he started hitting my lips with his cock, then he put the head in my mouth and pushed in a little and would quickly pull it out, he did that a couple of times and then he slowly started to push in. He was rubbing the sides of my head with his fingers and then held my head still as he pushed his cock deeper, I felt my throat open and he said that he was almost all the way in. I began to panic and reached up to push him back because I couldn’t breathe, he pulled back  just enough to let me breathe.  He was rubbing my cheeks with his fingers and he slowly moved down my throat toward my tits. He was massaging the sides of my tits and then took the tips of his fingers and pressed firmly on my nipples and started to massage them  in a circular motion. That was really turning me on so I opened my legs really wide and started to masturbate through my jeans. I was rolling my hips and rubbing really hard, I heard him moan louder now and I came right away. He was thrusting faster now and pulled out and turned to the side and started to cum. I was watching upside down and was in a complete trance because he was hitting the wall at the other side of the room, which was about 5 feet away and he kept squirting. It seemed like he was cumming for hours, it was amazing !!! I was totally hooked and knew that this would not be the last time that this happened.

I never did see that guy again. My way of life was torn in two, not only did I NOT live by the way of my parents but I now had a huge secret that MUST be kept a secret. I had to look my boyfriend and parents in the face everyday and pretend that I am still innocent and pure. Don’t get me wrong, I did sexual acts with my boyfriend, but there was no penetration, I was supposed to be saving that for him.  I really for the life of me do not know why I did what I did, but it did not end there. Something inside of me is compelled by these naughty actions and I just can’t help myself.

I just turned 19 and got a new car for my birthday, it was a nice car for about 3 months when a car went through a stop sign and I smacked right into him. No one was badly hurt, but I needed to go to physical therapy for my neck. I picked the closest office to my house and went to my first appointment. I was called in quickly because I was a new patient and they told me to take off my shirt and bra and put on a gown. I was waiting for the therapist, when I heard a knock on the door and I said “come in”. Well I locked eyes with him and immediately got a shiver through my body. He looked like he was a bit older than me, maybe in his mid forties and not bad looking for an older guy. I was starting to get a little turned on, maybe it was because I was sitting on a doctors table with a good looking therapist standing in front of me while wearing a gown which was was rubbing against my nipples. I really don’t know why except for the fact that this setting was really turning me on.

He approached me and asked me where the pain was and I told him my neck and shoulders. He reached over and started to rub my neck and worked his way down to my shoulders, I began to blush and he laughed. He said ” are you comfortable with me touching you here “? and I said with a giggle ” yeah ” . He told me to relax, so I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and drifted away while he massaged my neck. He told me that I must have strained some tendons and that I have whiplash. I went back three times a week, we got along very well and I could feel the tension building up between us. I found myself masturbating to this scenario with thoughts of him taking me in his office, but I didn’t think this could happen. Bbl

He grabbed my ass cheeks really hard and started to spread them. I grabbed my shirt from the floor,put it in my mouth and bit down hard as I felt the head of his cock pushing in. This time he didn’t go slow, he did one really hard thrust and before I knew it, his cock was all the way in. I let out a loud scream and he started banging me really fast and hard. He kept saying ” Is this deep enough for you ? “ as he kept pumping deeper and deeper. I was screaming so much that I couldn’t get any words out, all I could do is mouth the words… Please stop. It felt like he was going beyond the back wall, I was reaching back with my left arm to try and get him to slow down but he just kept pumping harder and harder. He was pulling my hips back toward his cock really hard and I felt his balls slapping against my clit which was really turning me on. I have played around with oral sex and masturbating, BUT I have never experienced anything like this before !!!   He started doing really short fast thrusts which must have been rubbing my G spot because I immediately began to cum. He pulled out and started rubbing his head on my asshole and pushed in really hard. I screamed at the top of my lungs as he started thrusting so I  flattened my body against the car seat and he pulled my hips back up. He grabbed my shoulders, pulled me up a little and started thrusting wildly, I heard him grunting through his teeth. I was screaming really loud so he let go of my shoulders and I dropped back down to the seat. He leaned forward and grabbed the end of my hair, pulled my head back and whispered in my ear and said ” So you like it deep Huh ?” So he spread my ass cheeks and pushed in as far as he could go. I practically lost my voice from screaming, so I was moaning now and he pushed in three more times and held the last thrust for a few seconds. He pulled out with just his head pressed up against my asshole and I felt him cumming. I felt his hot cum dripping down my pussy lips, I was moaning like crazy and dripping with sweat. He laid down on top of me and said through his heavy breathing ” That was the BEST sex I ever had “!!!! I couldn’t believe that I was the best sex he ever had, since that was my first time. He drove me home and parked a few houses down from mine. He looked at me and leaned over and started to make out with me, he shoved his tongue deep into my mouth and pulled away slowly. He asked me if he could see me again, I didn’t want to tell him that I had a boyfriend, so I just smiled and got out of the car. I could barely walk as I approached my house and then it hit me…. I have a boyfriend.

My clit was really swollen and I knew that I could never see him again, so I had to do something to satisfy this urge. As I was rubbing up and down, I noticed that his nipples were getting hard and so was his cock. He stayed still while I rolled my hips and scratched my nails up and down his back.  I pulled his head down close to my mouth and whispered in his ear. I told him that I want him to go deeper, so he sat up and flipped me over. He grabbed my hips and pulled them close to him. He started to rub the head of his cock on my pussy, it was sliding easily because I was still extremely wet. I felt him move up from my pussy toward my ass and I felt the head hitting my other hole. I started to panic because I never did that before so I pushed my hips down. He laughed a little and said ” It was worth a shot “. I let out a sigh of relief, raised my hips back up, reached under and started to rub my pussy. I was moving my hips back and forth toward his cock and my hot juices were getting all over my fingers as I pushed them up deep into my pussy. I pulled them out slowly and felt the head of his cock on my fingers, there was a quiver in my breath. I reached my fingers out and ran them along his hard shaft and felt his veins bulging as his head was spreading my lips. I let out a wanting moan and grabbed onto the car seat. Bbl

He asked me if i wanted his big hard cock inside of me. I was moaning heavily and after fighting with myself regarding the fact that I was still a virgin and saving that big step for the right guy…I said ” Yes, I want you deep inside of me, but I have never done this before “. He leaned forward, rubbing his hard wet cock up my inner thigh, and said ” Don’t worry, I will be gentle “. I was trembling as I watched his hard cock get closer to my hot dripping pussy. His big head hit my aching pussy lips and I could feel my pussy begin to open. My lips slid open and I felt him thrust, I let out a loud whimper as he tried to get in. He was trembling above me as he tried over and over to get inside of me. My head was saying no, but my lips were saying YES, YES ,YES !!!! I wanted it so badly and the louder I moaned the harder he pushed. I was very wet but I could feel every inch of him as he did one last hard thrust. He let out a loud moan and said ” You are so fucking tight ” . My pussy was full with his throbbing cock, I never felt anything like it, I was in a completely different world now. He was thrusting very fast and hard, he let go of my wrists and I reached over and dug my nails into the cheeks of his ass as I screamed in ecstasy . I felt the head of his cock hitting the back of my pussy, I squeezed his ass harder as my body stiffened up. I yelled ” I am going to cum ” !!!! He was thrusting harder as I squeezed the walls of my pussy around his hard cock. I felt my pussy pulsing uncontrollably as he fucked me harder, he pushed himself deep inside of me and I felt his cock pulsing. My body was shaking really hard as every spurt of hot cum hit the back of my pussy. I felt like I could cum again so I held him inside of me and started rubbing up and down. As I rubbed up and down I could feel his hot cum all over my inner thighs and sliding down my ass, he looked surprised and just let me do my thing. It was like eating chocolate for the first time, I just had to have more.

Gotta Go….bbl

After a lot of thought, I have decided to share all of my secret sexual experiences with you.

I was raised as a proper moral girl who was supposed to meet a nice guy, get married,have 2 children and a white picket fence. It definitely worked out that way, BUT ….. I wound up with an obsession that I just could not control.

I met the guy who is now my husband at the age of 18 and I was still a virgin. He gave and still gives me everything that I need, but there is something inside of me that needs to be taken care of 24-7.

I found myself  in situations that don’t happen everyday, which would make me say to myself  ” What in the world am I doing ?”.

I was walking in a near by flea market when I came upon a cosmetics/beauty stand when I heard a voice say ” can I help you with anything ?” I looked up and saw this extremely Hot guy. Well I panicked and said” I  would like to buy this” ( picking up a bottle of shampoo, which I didn’t need). He looked at me and smiled, and I blushed and smiled back.  I almost forgot to pay for the shampoo, I was nervous but knew I would go back to this stand for more…ahem…shampoo. Well I went back the next day dressed in the skimpiest short set I could find and decided to leave my bra at home. The outfit had tight shorts and a very large cut neck so when I bent over to look at the shampoo my chest would be visible to only him. I walked out of there with not only another bottle of shampoo, but a phone number.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this, knowing I have a wonderful boyfriend. I have to admit though… It was very exciting !!!!

I remember shaking when I was dialing the numbers. He answered and sounded extremely happy to hear from me. We had a pretty long conversation which ended up with him asking if he could meet me that night. I knew it would be wrong, but I just couldn’t help myself, so I said o.k.

He picked me up at my house around 11:30 p.m.  I still don’t know what made me get in his car, but I did. He brought me to a very nice park near the water, I was very nervous and he said” if you don’t want to do anything we won’t ” but I just had to have him.  So he leaned over and and started to make out with me. It was getting very hot and heavy, when I opened my eyes I saw that the windows had fogged over. I could feel myself getting very wet when I felt his hand moving up my thigh. bbl

His hand was slowly moving up my thigh, I put my hand on his hand and he stopped, but I moved his hand up higher under my denim skirt. He slid his fingers along side the crotch of my thong underwear and I could feel his fingers sliding around in my juices. He pulled my hips down toward him and leaned over and started sucking on my neck , I was moaning in ecstasy as he reached over to the bottom of my shirt. He pulled my shirt up and over my head, I was wearing a bra with the clasp in the front. He unclasped my bra and started sucking and biting my nipples. My hips were writhing as I reached up and started to unbuckle his belt. As I was reaching for his zipper, I noticed an extremely large bulge. My self control went completely out of the window as I viciously unzipped his pants and pulled them down. I never told anyone this before, but I have a fetish….. I LOVE to suck on a very hard cock through underwear. I don’t know why, I guess it is like leaving something to the imagination. So I sat up and put my mouth over his long hard shaft and started to suck him through his underwear. I sucked up his shaft to the tip of his cock, I moved up to his waist band and grabbed it with my teeth and pulled them down. His long hard cock popped out and I felt his hot juices on the side of my face. I moaned and he laid me back down on the seat, he pulled my arms up over my head and held my wrists with his left hand and opened his mouth wide and rolled his wet tongue really hard on my neck. He rolled his tongue down my neck and over my tits, and down to my stomach. My hot juices were really flowing now and I wanted to grab him and pull him deep inside of me, but he was still holding my wrists. My hips were really rolling and my pussy was aching so much. His tongue stopped right at the top of my pussy, I felt his hot breath on it, I was completely losing it now. He slowly moved his tongue down the side of my pussy to the bottom. He moved his head up,looked at me and smirked and stuck his tongue out and moved it closer to my pussy. He stopped just shy of my clit and wiggled his tongue, He was teasing me so much that I tried to push my pussy closer, but he would move back out of reach. bbl

Im not sure why Im doing this I guess I feel the need get this off my chest. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. I want to come clean but I also want to just keep quiet. I figured this would be a good way to cleanse my self of my past but in a weird way it turns me on just thinking about the things I have done and the things that have happened to me. Im going to have to put my thoughts in order and decide if I really want to put my experiences on the internet. I am married to a great guy and have two children, I have been told by my friend that this will be completely anonymous , however I am still a bit scared because if this truly got out , my life would be ruined. I will post soon.